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Presentations & Posters

Presentations and posters are more than just about your research, they are a crucial tool to attract, convey, and to act as a vehicle of understanding for your audience. Your audience requires this vehicle to carry them as they connect with your ideas. We create this journey through establishing hierarchies of information that is controlled through typography and graphical placements.

Essay, Journal Paper, or Thesis

Editing and proofreading are an essential step for any academic’s writing process. Too often the important research findings are lost among confused language and garbled academic writing. This is often due to researchers being too close to their work, and they forget their readers require to be told the whole story. However, for academics who have come to the English language as a second language there are further grammatical nuances to overcome.

Visualisations & Diagrams

To take your teaching slides, research theses, papers, or presentations to the next level, commissioning professionally illustrated visualisations and diagrams can get you there. We work with you to ensure our diagrams and charts precisely describe the given scenario, and designed to fit with your overall presentation—adding a professionalism to your research. Tailored information and data visualisations for your research will make your hypotheses and findings easier to understand and to engage with.


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